Marine Survey Services

Marine surveys are performed for a variety of reasons.

Some of the most common marine surveys in Michigan are:

Pre-Purchase Marine Survey - It is strongly recommended to have a pre-purchase marine survey completed, whether you are purchasing a new or used vessel. Being the most comprehensive type of inspection, the condition and overall operation of the vessel is examined. Survey includes such things as inspection of the electrical, propulsion, fuel, and navigation systems, structural integrity, machinery, cosmetic appearance and overall maintenance.

Marine Insurance Survey - Often, prior to insuring a vessel, the insurance company will require a marine survey to determine if the vessel is an acceptable risk. Insurance companies want to be sure the of the boat’s structural integrity and safety for its intended use.

Appraisal Inspection – An appraisal inspection is used to determine or justify the vessel’s fair market value for purposes such as financing, estate settlements, donations, and legal cases.

Damage Inspection – When a boat sustains damage, a damage inspection is needed to determine the extent of the damage, recommend repairs, estimate the cost of repairs, and sometimes, the probable cause of the damage.

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